Established 2014
we are the one and only
barbershop in Saigon
to offer you the
original tapper style.

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10:30 am – 7:30 pm


10:30 am – 7:30 pm

2:00 pm – 7:30 pm

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Hurricane Barber Shop

Our story

A few years ago there was nowhere in town to get a perfect undercut. Our idea to open a barber shop was born out of having to do something yourself because you want it done right. At Hurricane Barbershop, the haircuts are what bring people in but the friendly, laid-back-yet-personal atmosphere is what has cultivated a community over the years.

Hurricane Barber shop’s all-but-hidden storefront belies its growing status as a mecca for men and women seeking the experience of a truly satisfying haircut in Saigon. Hurricane is a modern version of a long tradition of barbershops in being a cultural nexus—bringing together both Vietnamese and foreign patrons.

Don’t take our word for it, read the whole article here: “A Cut Above, a Review of Hurricane Barber in Ho Chi Minh City”.

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~ Price List ~

Updated: end of 2016

Haircut80 000 VND
Shave50 000 VND
Beard Trim30 000 VND
Head Shave60 000 VND
Kids Haircut60 000 VND
Haircut + Shave120 000 VND
Haircut + Beard Trim100 000 VND

~ Products for sale ~

Grooming products for you

MadMouse Mud

The First Handmade Mud & Pomade in Vietnam.
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We are happy.

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GoldFingers Pomade

Medium shine. Heavy weight. The secret behind the success of GoldFingers Premium Pomade lies in one of their special ingredient, a water-activated ingredient which allows restyling throughout the day with a wet comb. It is also able to withstand high humidity levels which makes it a dream to apply and use in a tropical climate.

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Hurricane Barber Shop: Home of the best barbers in Saigon

Want to get the freshest haircut but scared that a random barber will ruin it? Then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Hurricane Barber Shop, the home of the best barbers and hairstylists in Saigon, Vietnam!

Whether you want to get the trendiest hairstyles or you want to stick to the classics, you can count on our world-class barbers to deliver. That’s not even the best part! We’re also pleased to inform you that our barbershop provides comfort as you’ve never seen before. From plush seats to airconditioned rooms and a flat-screen TV, you’ll find everything you need for your convenience during your session here at Hurricane Barber Shop.

Our mission

Ever since our barbershop first came into fruition, our mission has always been the same and that is to provide our customers with the best haircuts in the entire country. However, as time goes on, we decided to expand little by little and from only providing haircuts, we started to consider comfort.  

For us, we don’t want our services to be limited to the outcome of your haircut. Instead, we want your session to be a memorable experience altogether. From setting the ambience to providing world-class service, we want you to have the best haircut possible.


Ever since we were an up and coming barbershop, we have been receiving tons of questions regarding our services and hair, in general. In this section, we plan to answer all these uncertainties to the best of our abilities. Keep on reading to learn more.

Do you have lots of clients every day?

Normally, clients enter our shop in a regular flow. However, there are days such as weekends where our barbershop is at its busiest state. However, you can avoid this rush-hour situation by booking an appointment beforehand. This way, you can ensure that there will be a time slot allotted for you and you don’t have to wait in line.

Which haircuts can your barbers do?

We’re pleased to inform you that our barbershop is equipped with the most talented barbers in the country. This means that they are capable of making any haircuts that you desire. You can also refer to our stylebook where we have pictures of all the haircuts that you can request your barber to make.

Which hairstyle is best for my face shape?

If you’re unsure of which hairstyle to choose for your face shape, don’t worry because our barbers got you covered! Just by looking and analyzing your face, our barbers can give you a broad list of choices that will suit you. After that, all that’s left for you to do is choose which one you like the most.

How do you make sure that your equipment is sanitized?

Our barbershop follows a strict rule that each piece of equipment should be sanitized after every use. This includes scissors, razor blades, clippers, etc. Our value for sanitation can also be seen in our shop itself as we make sure to sweep the floors so that it will be free from hair that has been freshly cut from our customers. As for our seats, we also make sure to clean them before letting the next client sit.